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Craft (Home-made) candles 100 % vegetable in the wax of soya.

- Our candles are made in a craft way, poured in the hand to Aubenas, Ardèche 07 " Made in France ".

- Realized wax candles 100 % vegetable (Wax of Soya), European woman without GMO(GENETICALLY MODIFIED ORGANISM).

- Without pesticide.

- Gone(taken) up drill(lock) 100% cotton.

- 180 g of wax for approximately 45 am of combustion.

- Our candles do not thus contain mineral Paraffin wax (stemming from oil residues).

- If our candles are not colored it is because we wish to stay natural 100 %.

- All our glasses are food. The wax being vegetable the glass cleans itself easily in the hot water and can be to use for a glass cup or a glass with liqueur.

European standard without GMO (GENETICALLY MODIFIED ORGANISM).