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Avoid shaving irritation

Beauty Gesture number one men, shaving is a key moment of the day.
A man spends an average of 3-6 months of his life shaving.
And if in the male, shaving is a symbol of virility, that time is often experienced as a chore, which is accompanied by various bothersome inconvenience even painful: irritation, itching, dryness, tightness, "fire" of the razor.

Your skin accumulates during the day of impurities due to pollution, sebum secretion and perspiration. If men take more care of their skin, almost 70% use their products that are not specific!

So'Senz bends over backwards to please you. Problems due to shaving (during and after) are the main concern of men, followed closely by fatigue.
The beard can be a real problem for some men with highly developed body hair.
It is a source of irritation when shaving, but also during regrowth. Under the heat of the blade, in addition to irritations or inflammations of the risk of dehydration and delipidation.

Before: Prepare the hair
During: smooth shave
After: to appease the day.

Use care before and after shaving on this part of the face must be systematic to moisturize and nourish the skin mistreated. But also to lubricate and soften beard hair during regrowth and facilitate the next shave.

So'Senz, marque de soins cosmétiques révélateurs de toutes les beautés naturelles.