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Light and Fresh skincare Claims : Soothes and smoothes the eye contour. 

This treatment soothes and smoothes the eye area. Its antioxidant actives help to fight against skin aging. ** hydration of the superficial layers of the epidermis 

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Light and Fresh skincare Claims : Soothes and smoothes the eye contour

Apply in the morning and evening as the last step of your skincare program. Take a small amount on the fingertips and smooth around the eyes 3 times. Avoid applying the product on the edge of the lashes. Apply gently under the eyes by performing outward movements. Repeat 6 times.


Organic Cornflower Extract : known for its decongestant properties, it soothes tired eyes and swollen eyelids. It also has astringent and soothing properties.

Draining Active : from the flowers and rich in flavonoids, it has stimulant properties of the surface microcirculation of the skin. It helps reduce puffiness under the eyes.

Sodium hyaluronate: This natural hyaluronic acid is known for its moisturizing** and anti-aging properties. It preserves tissues and reinflate water to the skin surface. This natural hyaluronic acid powder is pure hyaluronic acid biosynthesis which is made from plant substrates. It forms a moisturizing film on the skin that leaves a soft, velvety finish.

White lily Extract: White lily has soothing, regenerating, healing and lightening. Symbol of absolute purity and whiteness, white Lys or Madonna Lily illustrates the noblest virtues of many European (French) kings that he is the emblem.

Anti-Age & Lightening Specific Active : From the latest advances in biotechnology this active ingredient based on micro-algae brings you the longevity benefits of this millennium blue-green algae. Endowed with a unique photo-protection system called thioredoxin that protects against free radicals, microalgae produces a revolutionary active ingredient that is a concentrate of original life

Cranberry Extract: Cranberry is an Antioxidant Superfruit rich in flavonoids and proanthocyanidins that confer exceptional protective properties against free radicals responsible for accelerated skin aging.

Red Wine Leaf Extract: rich in polyphenols which fight against skin antiaging due to its properties:  - antioxidant  - Protects collagen and elastin  Obtained from the dried organic leaves, red vine leaf extract protects and strengthens the structures of the skin that give it its flexibility, smoothness and bounce aspect.

Thyme honey Extract: sanitizing properties (antiseptic) for cleansing and wound healing. Used by the Egyptians, Greeks and Romans in ancient times, thyme honey is known for its antiseptic and healing power. For several decades, researchers have attempted to demonstrate scientifically these empirically known properties. In some hospitals, doctors have recourse to heal the wounds of their patients.  Formerly used by the most beautiful women of the French nobility, honeyed water are a real queens beauty secret.

Poppy Extract: Symbol of spring and rebirth, its bright red petals awaken the senses. The velvety texture of the petals is a source of appeasement.  The petals are rich in active principles, including mucilage and anthocyanin that provide the moisturizing, soothing, softening and anti-wrinkle.

99.50% of the total ingredients are from Natural Origin  22.50% of the total ingredients are from Organic Farming